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For use on building facades, parking areas, exit doorways, walkways, stairwells, garages, security lighting and more.


Product Introduction

C2420-WP LED Wallpack Light is based on the latest LED technology.High quality aluminum enclosure ensures the reliable structure and stable cooling performance.It has precise optical design,and excellent light distribution effect.
Optical glass reduces glare,while making the output soft with high light efficiency.Low power consumption,long service life,high reliability and energy saving.

Product Features

The housing is made with high quality aluminum die-cast molding.
Optical cavity and electrical cavity are independently located,ensuring longer service life,and more stable performance.
Precise optical design and frosted glass cover ensure precise light distribution and prevent light glare.
A variety of wattage is allowed to choose under the same size,achieving optimal matching between ground illumination and wattage.
Two intelligent dimming options:photo-sensor,motion-sensor.
Double energy conservation.


Landscape lightings
Entertainment lightings


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C2420-BW LED is a new type of lighting luminaires equipped with high-brightness LED lamp.Housing utilizes high-quality aluminum to ensure fine heat dissipation.Precise optical design gives birth to excellent light distribution.This product gives out soft light with high efficiency.And it is characterized by low power consumption,long life span,good stability,high security,energy conservation and environmental protection

Luminaire property

·Input voltage:AC 85~264V 

·Power factor:≥0.95 




Areas of applications

Factories,warehouses,villas,etc Certificates&standards GB7000.1-2007、GB7000.203-2013

Mechanical specifications

·Finish:brown/black,etc ·Body material:Aluminum alloy ·Rated life time:50000 hrs


Profile concise and smooth,decent and fashionable 

Housing utilizing high-quality aluminum for casting model with sprayed plastics 

Optical cavity separated with electric chamber,conducting heat without interference,luminaire’s life time ensured 

Same-dimension luminaires with multiple wattage choices,realizing optimal matching of ground illuminance and wattage. 

Precise optical design with matte glass cover,distributing light effectively and avoiding glare. 

Photosensitive and motion-senser intellectual dimming modes optional,realizing second energy conservation and emission reduction 

Energy-saving and environmental friendly

Working environment


·Humidity:10~95% RH

  • System Specifications

    Product specification

    Model Input voltage Type Wattage CCT Luminous Flux BUG IES document
    C2420-BW 90-305VAC WB 20W 4000K 1960lm B1-U1-G1 C2420-BW-20W-40K-600-WB.IES
    20W 5000lm 1960lm B1-U1-G1 C2420-BW-20W-50K-600-WB.IES
    30W 4000lm 2940lm B1-U1-G1 C2420-BW-30W-40K-600-WB.IES
    30W 5000lm 2940lm B1-U1-G1 C2420-BW-30W-50K-600-WB.IES
    40W 4000lm 3920lm B1-U1-G1 C2420-BW-40W-40K-600-WB.IES
    40W 5000lm 3920lm B1-U1-G1 C2420-BW-40W-50K-600-WB.IES
    50W 4000lm 4900lm B1-U1-G1 C2420-BW-50W-40K-600-WB.IES
    50W 5000lm 4900lm B1-U1-G1 C2420-BW-50W-50K-600-WB.IES
    60W 4000lm 6000lm B2-U1-G1 C2420-BW-60W-40K-600-WB.IES
    60W 5000lm 6000lm B2-U1-G1 C2420-BW-60W-50K-600-WB.IES
  • Illumination Diagram

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    For example:C2420-BW-60W-40K-600-WB-BR-N

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