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C2320-BW/C2320-CW C2320-DW/C2320-EW
  • C2320-BW/C2320-CW C2320-DW/C2320-EW
For use alongside CCTV camera systems to capture moving traffic on roadways and other high speed movement applications.
LED Road  Flash Light




Silently glittering in the dark,led road flash lights are as plain as the darkness.But it becomes a shining star when it works.It stands at the roadsides,quietly recording what happens on the road within its range.Many careless drivers are reminded by its flash and many walkers are warmed at night.It just glitters, with loyalty and persistence.


High quality aluminum shell, water-proof, antiseptic,and pressure-proof structure.
The frontage of the light is optical lens, with good transmittance of light and high protection. 
A wide range of glitter and a detailed showcase of the object.
Automatic protection and recovery if there is abnormal signal. 
Concentrated light beam with high luminous efficiency and strong penetration.
Glittering frequency can be remotely adjusted.


E-police systems.
Secure-access systems.
Toll monitoring and controlling systems.


C2320-BW/C2320-CW C2320-DW/C2320-EW
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