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C21LP1, C21LP2, C21LP3
  • C21LP1, C21LP2, C21LP3

Upgrade from traditional light sources to LED while keeping your original fixture housing.  For use in teardrops, shoeboxes, lamp posts, decorative lamps, skirted fixtures and more. 


- Designed to replace traditional light source while maintaining housing
- Nichia Japan LED chips 
- Sansi patented Independent Pixel Heat Sink® Technology 
- Lens customization according to light distribution and color temperature
- Easy-to-install power supply.  Low maintenance. 
- IP65 protection


Upgrade teardrops, shoebox, lamp post, decorative lamps, teardrop, skirted fixtures and more.

C21LP1, C21LP2, C21LP3
  • Technical Data



    Electrical Specifications 

    Wattage options:  20W-120W

    Voltage options:  120-277 VAC, 347/480 VAC (optional)

    Electrical current:  400ma

    Frequency:  50/60 Hz

    Power factor:  ≥ 0.95

    THD:  < 15% at full load

    Optical Performance

    Chip brand:  Nichia

    Color temperature:  4000K/5000K (Standard)

    Fixture efficacy:  110-120lm/w (400ma)

    Luminous flux:  2300lm - 13600lm

    Color render index (CRI):  >65

    IESNA Distribution Types:  MIII, V

    Beam angle: 

    Colors and Materials

    Body material:  Aluminum

    Product color:  White


    Ambient temperature range:  -40~+55°C


    Lifespan:  50,000 hours


    Type of installation:  (based on customer’s existing fixture)

    Dimmable:  Yes

    Photocell:  No

    Motion sensor:  No

    SANSI Intelligent Wireless Control System:  Yes

    Test & Certifications

    Standards:  ETL SGS RoHS DLC

    Protection class:  I

    Type of protection:  IP65

    Test reports:  LM79, LM80

  • System Specifications

    Size Model Number Wattage Lumen output Diameter(inches) Net weight
    LP1 C21LP-20W 20W 2300 8.7" 5.0kg
    C21LP-30W 30W 3700 8.7" 5.1kg
    C21LP-40W 40W 4600 8.7" 5.5kg
    C21LP-45W 45W 5400 8.7" 5.6kg
    C21LP-50W 50W 5400 8.7" 5.6kg
    LP2 C21LP-50W 50W 5400 12.2" 5.7kg
    C21LP-50W 60W 6900 12.2" 6.0kg
    C21LP-50W 70W 7600 12.2" 6.3kg
    C21LP-50W 80W 9100 12.2" 6.5kg
    LP3 C21LP-50W 90W 10600 13.5" 6.8kg
    C21LP-50W 100W 12000 13.5" 6.9kg
    C21LP-50W 120W 13600 13.5" 7.3kg

    Size Model Number Wattage Lumen output Diameter(inches) Net weight
    LP1 C21LP-20W 25W 2100 8.7" 5.0kg
    C21LP-30W 30W 3400 8.7" 5.1kg
    C21LP-40W 40W 4200 8.7" 5.5kg
    C21LP-45W 45W 5000 8.7" 5.6kg
    C21LP-50W 50W 5000 8.7" 5.6kg
    LP2 C21LP-50W 50W 5000 12.2" 5.7kg
    C21LP-50W 60W 6400 12.2" 6.0kg
    C21LP-50W 70W 7000 12.2" 6.3kg
    C21LP-50W 80W 8300 12.2" 6.5kg
    LP3 C21LP-50W 90W 9700 13.5" 6.8kg
    C21LP-50W 100W 11000 13.5" 6.9kg
    C21LP-50W 120W 12000 13.5" 7.3kg
  • Illumination Diagram

    N18   N27 

    N39  N40