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  • C0820-BW
This product largely reduces the use of lamp-posts,making the whole lighting facility visually joyful.At the same time,it effectively reduces construction cost and receives composite economic results in the field of outdoor lighting.

Product introduction

C0820-BW ceramic pixel flood light is for large-area outdoor lighting environment. This product largely 
reduces the use of lamp-posts, making the whole lighting facility visually joyful. At the same time, it 
effectively reduces construction cost and receives composite economic results in the field of outdoor 
lighting. Sansi LED flood light has excellent lighting effect, concentrated light source, evenly distributed 
brightness, no glaring, easy operation, control and maintenance. Light control of Sansi LED flood light 
can achieve intelligent dimming adjustment, beneficiary to secondary energy saving.

Product features

Multiple types of optical lens are adopted to improve brightness evenness and offer different lighting solutions in different lighting environments.
Ceramic heat sink body is used and chip is directly attached to the ceramic surface; no PCB and a better 
heat conduction and heat dissipation. 
Self-convection, honeycomb, proximal radiating structure ensures the fastest heat transfer; the light 
service life is extended; less weight of the light. 
Hollow structure reduces wind resistance; It is safe and reliable; Field replacement, no need to disassemble the whole light , easy assembling and maintenance.
The shell is made of high quality aluminum through compression molding, IP66 protection level;
It supports a variety of intelligent dimming, and achieves secondary energy-saving and emission reduction.


Squares,outdoor sports venues, outdoor billboards, etc.
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