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C22DL-MQ3/ C22DL-MQ4/C22DL-MQ6
  • C22DL-MQ3/ C22DL-MQ4/C22DL-MQ6
  • LED 8-Inch Down Light      C22DL-Q8
  • 6inch retrofit
  • 4inch retrofit
For use in high ceiling applications, showrooms, conference rooms, isle ways, residential homes, public area applications and more. 

Product Description

The light is capable of embeding into the ceiling,forming a perfect combination with the decor harmoniously.The light is vertical down lighting adding tender atmosphere and reducing the spacial pressure.It can be used as the main light source when tender light intensity is required.When in a highly bright location, it enriches the lighting effect.

Product Features

Wide beam angle, soft light.
LED chips directly affixed to the ceramic surface,no PCB board,quick-cooling.
Low THD,little electrical interference.
High light efficacy,energy saving,high power factor.
No flicker,no harm for eyes and health.


Hotels,restaurants,offices,entertainment halls,homes.

C22DL-MQ3/ C22DL-MQ4/C22DL-MQ6
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LED 8-Inch Down Light      C22DL-Q8


C22DL-Q8 LED Down Light is based on the latest LED technology.It adopts high-power LED as the light 
source.Constant current control offers stable and reliable operation.It has finned-tube heat sinking structure,in consistency with the uniformity and aesthetics of the lighting decoration.It has spray plating enclosure for antisepsis with longer service life.


Aluminum molding,spray plating enclosure with high protection rate.
Finned-tube heat sinking structure,quick heat-conduction.
Light source is of high brightness and high efficacy.
The shell is made of high-quality PC material with good light transmittance and longer service life. 
Vacuum Plating to prevent glare.
High efficacy, low power consumption and high power factor. 
No light flicker, low glare rating, and visual protection.


Subways, meeting rooms.
Office buildings, indoor lighting areas.

LED 8-Inch Down Light      C22DL-Q8
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C22DL-Q6 6-inch downlight

Sansi 6-inch downlight uses a die-cast shell and finfish thermal design for the LED light source heat. The power box is designed with side-mounted mode. The exterior surface is powder coated. The optical design is reasonable & accurate. The light efficiency is optimized with soft and comfortable illumination.

Product Features

Slim size, for a wide range of installation

Stable isolation, constant current control, stable and safe

Anti-glare, soft light

Exterior spray, excellent anti-corrosion process

Type of Application

High ceiling

High floor lighting

Public lighting

Commerical lighting

6inch retrofit


4inch retrofit