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Why Is LED Light The Best Choice For Subway Lighting?

Time: 2016/09/13       Author:None
LED light becomes the best choice for subway lighting for the following major reasons.

1.It’s known to us that metro station has a very complex power distribution system. Metro station voltage frequently fluctuates. The working voltage for subway lights has a great varying range. All these mentioned have created the high requirements on the stability of subway lights. LED lights has a stable working state, the input voltage range of which can be 100-240V or even 85-165V. 

2. Subway lighting works in an enclosed environment, and lights are required to operate for at least 17 hours a day. Under such circumstance traditional lights usually have serious lumens depreciation, thus the service life is largely reduced. However for LED lights, 5000 hours of service life without lumens depreciation can be easy achieved. If heat sink problem is properly managed, the lumens depreciation rate for LED lights that have worked for 5000 hours can be as low as 1%. 

3. The short service life and frequent repairs and maintenance of traditional subway lights bring huge workload and difficulty to the subway operation. In contrast, LED lights have more than 50000 hours of stable service life, and can be designed in a way that is easy for maintenance, greatly reducing the workload of daily maintenance.

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