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Why ceramic LED street light brings about more than a material revolution?

Time: 2016/05/26       Author:None
LED street light is an essential part of all lighting facilities, morever, it is an important reflection of the economic and cultural development of a city. Every single street light that is working in the darkness has become great comfort to every passer-by. 

Shanghai Sansi recently lunched bold and resolute product reform in light body and light materials. A brand-new ceramic LED street is developed based on this idea, producing far-reaching effects.

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Heat sink method and materials of a street light directly lead to its stability and useful life. Therefore, Shanghai Sansi abandoned the usual way of using aluminum base plate; instead, Sansi adopts the integrated design by using ceramic materials, together with every pixel dissipating heat one by one.

In conclusion, application of ceramic LED street lights is more than a material revolution, it is also the demonstration of a giant improvement for the street light stability and working life, from which the wide population will benefit.