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Why Ceramic LED Road light Is a Perfect Fit for Road Lighting

Time: 2016/08/04       Author:None
Being an indispensable part for a region or a place, road lighting and road lights have penetrated into many aspects of people’s daily life. Yet traditional road lights have so many problems like large energy consumption and hidden security issues that might cause severe damage or danger to both individuals and groups. Gladly we have ceramic led street light which is developed as a perfect road lighting solution. The product has received wide recognition once published.

Elegantly Designed with Good Functional Performance

Ceramic LED road lights have unique design of hollowing-out enclosure after technicians’ thorough considerations. Hollowing-out enclosure is eye-pleasing and delicate, largely changing the stereotype of road lights of being dull and uniform. Instead Sansi ceramic led road light is visually attractive, just as beautiful as an work of art. This kind of design not only meets aesthetic requirement, but also forms auto-convection heat sinking, realizing the combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Full Considerations on Heat Sinking by Adoption of Ceramic Materials

Besides the hollowing-out design which is beneficiary to heat sinking, the adoption of ceramic materials also greatly changes traditional heat sinking methods. Traditional road lights use aluminum substrate as the conducting material, which is poor in thermal conductivity. While ceramic led road light differs from all other road lights. Inside the light there will be no heat collection, thus more fully in heat sinking.

ceramic led road light

Low Energy Consumption

Led road light has high-effective lighting effect, and can save more than 75% of energy than traditional high pressure sodium lamp. While Sansi ceramic led road light is developed with independent controlling system, making the average amount of energy consumption 30% less than other led road lights.

Evenly Distributed Lighting Area and No Light Glaring

Evenly-distributed brightness optical design is Sansi’s patented technology. This technology is used in ceramic led road lights to make the lighting effect evenly distributed and to avoid glaring light.

Intelligent Control and Monitoring

Photosensitive sensors are built in a road light to catch environmental brightness data, helping a lot with the remote or intelligent control on road lights. Intelligent control system can monitor actual situation of a lighting environment and act intelligently according to different lighting needs.

Sansi ceramic led road light is developed and upgraded from led road light with hope of realizing a more intelligent and humanized road lighting solution. It is with their persistent effort and ever-lasting pioneering spirit that the industry has continually moved forward. We have every reason to believe a more advanced lighting environment will be with us.
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