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What makes Outdoor LED Full-Color Display Much Expensive

Time: 2016/09/08       Author:None
Outdoor full color LED display has a very high cost performance and can bring high payback of interest, so many international brands and advertisers prefer to take it as a effective way to advertise or promote. We can see LED screens everywhere nowadays in streets, in the wall of big buildings. Yet the quality and performance of outdoor full color LED display differ. Actually an excellent outdoor full-color LED display with high quality and performance can be very expensive. Here we are going to tell you in what ways outdoor full color LED display are expensive?

Outdoor full color LED display

High price of outdoor full color LED display in the first place is for the body of outdoor full color LED display, especially the inbuilt chip. Good chip means good technology, high flatness, and no halted system. Chip to the LED screen is equal to the heart to human, directly affecting the service life of the screen and  color presentation. 

Another factor for the high price of outdoor full-color LED display is heat dissipation design. In order to dissipate the heat generated in a timely manner, a variety of thermal designs are used, greatly increasing the reliability of the LED display. Although certain costs increased, in the long run it can bring much better benefits for the customer.

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