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What Is Light Flicker And How To Solve It

Time: 2016/09/02       Author:None
Incandescent light usually has a heat loss of 90%, while energy-saving light has severe light flicker and contains heavy metal Hg. By comparison, LED light is characterized by high lighting effect, long service life, good stability and reliability, making the best choice for household lighting. In recent years, LED lights is gradually taking the place of traditional lighting. But LED lighting flicker has become the biggest challenge to the long-term development of LED lighting industry

Led Lighting

The technical definition of LED light flicker is a phenomenon that the LED light fluctuates according to power supply frequency. For general, stroboscopic frequency is 50 times per second and it is difficult to distinguish via naked eye vision. Although light flicker cannot be visual perceived by naked eyes, our eyes need to constantly adjust with fluctuations. In the long term, it can cause symptoms such as visual fatigue, dizziness, headache, exhaustion of body and mind, threatening  health of body and mind.

Sansi LED lighting, by adoption of advanced drive power supply, ensures high-power on the premise,  minimizes ripple coefficient, and removes the LED light flicker problem. Sansi LED lighting is much closer to natural light. The innovative design of Sansi LED lighting let the LED go into the thousands of families, and will continue to improve household lighting, and create a healthy new fashion, especially suitable for the elderly and children.

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