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What are the advantages of Sansi LED office lighting Fixtures

Time: 2016/09/05       Author:None
Offices are places where we work and spend nearly 0ne third of our day time. In the office, we deal a lot of business work, view a great amount of information pages, and do a lot of mental labor. For programmers to whom working late into the midnight is almost a routine every day, or in CBD office buildings where day-lighting is bad, a long lighting environment is especially required. 

LED Office Lights

The quality and performance of LED office lighting products has a direct relationship to working efficiency, and also is related to the physical and mental health of employees.
Sansi has a rich assortment of LED office lighting products, characterized with soft and comfortable lighting effect, no dazzling light. Sansi LED office lights have no light flicker, largely alleviating eye fatigue caused by the long time focus of eyes at the screen. Sansi LED office lights are independent patented products, especially for panel light. Color rendering index is as high as 80 or more.

Cost performance is what people concern most. Sansi LED office lighting products uses patented cooling technology to improve the reliability and service life of the LED lights, key technical supporting energy saving of 20%.

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