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What are good LED road lights

Time: 2016/08/16       Author:None
Everyone is no stranger to road lights. when darkness comes quietly, road lights are lit up. Nobody will deny that road light has become one part of our lives. The total quality and quantity of road lights in a city in some extend reflect the city's prosperity degree. At the same time, as the road light provides residents with nocturnal sense of security, it becomes one of the best criteria in judging the level of humanistic care of a city. In the past hundreds of years, we have realized incandescent bulbs convert most of the electrical energy into heat energy, which is a great waste of the electricity. Also, incandescent bulbs can emit mercury element, which is invisible yet harmful to the environment.

led road lights

Therefore safe and efficient LED light becomes the preferred choice for people in selecting their lighting products. 

Illumination is one of the most important indicators to measure LED road lighting. In general, the greater the illuminance meter is, the greater the corresponding brightness is, and so is luminous flux of visible light per unit area. For many businesses, intensity of illumination is an important stuns in catching the consumers’ eyeballs, but it is not the only standard. Urban policy-makers and municipal personnel pay more attention to the comfort and security of the road lights. During the night, lighting environment will inevitably be in great contrast, which is not suitable for human eyes to adapt, leading to the feeling of being uncomfortable. 
In order to solve this problem, Sansi and other high and new technology enterprises have developed new light distribution design, introduced light distribution system based on the luminance uniformity to vigorously improve the brightness uniformity and eliminate the effect of a zebra crossing. Sansi has released a series of LED road lighting products with characters of soft light, evenly distribution of lighting comfortable. These led road lights have made great contributions to create a safe, comfortable lighting environment.

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