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Three Most Important Factors In Choosing LED Down Light

Time: 2016/09/09       Author:None
Nowadays, LED down light, is more and more widely applied in household lighting. A large amount of LED down light manufacturers spring up, leaving customers much space for selecting. So how to choose and buy a good LED down light among the variety of goods? Here we offer 3 aspects of viewing for your reference. 

Heat Sink Of LED Down Light

The heat sinking ability of LED down light directly affects luminance decrease degree and service life. Cooling channel is obstructed, thermal resistance is big and radiator is small, making the heat accumulated inside the light. Under ultra high temperature condition, lumens depreciation can be easy, eventually influencing the service life of LED down light.

LED Down Light

Driving Power Of LED Down Light

Driving power also determines the service life the the light. Theoretically, light beads have a usage life of 50,000 hours. However if driving power breaks down, the light will go out. Electronic components and circuit design used inside the driving power supply determines the efficiency, ripple co-efficiency, power factor, stability, temperature rise and service life of the driving power supply.  

Quality Of Light Beads

When buying LED down light, in addition to the material and driving power, we also need to consider its light bead quality. Quality of light bead will directly affect lighting effects. While packaging process will affect the quality of light bead and heat dissipation ability and other key factors.
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