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Three Advantages of Sansi LED Tunnel Light

Time: 2016/08/30       Author:None
LED is a semiconductor device of solid state. Compared to convetional light source, LED is advantageous in aspects of light failure, color rendering index and service life. LED tunnel light uses LED as light source. These characters make LED more and more important in Tunnel Lighting industry. For example, the under-construction Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is equpped with LED tunnel lights that are provided by Sansi, a renowned LED company. The application of Sansi LED tunnel light in such an significant and complicated bridge showcases exactly the unique advantages of Sansi LED tunnel light. 

LED Tunnel Light

1. No Glaring Light

Sansi LED tunnel light adopts reflective structure. On the premise of guaranteeing lighting effect, Sansi effectively hides the light source to avoid any glaring. For drivers, this improvement effectively avoid accidents caused by the strong lights in the tunnel. 

2. Intelligent Dimming

Sansi focuses on changing the conventional single dimming mode and applying multiple type intelligent dimming in Sansi LED tunnel light. Sansi intelligent dimming system is able to intelligently adjust the brightness according to time period, season and weather condition, etc. This remarkable improvement does more convenience to the city management and always emphasizes road safety on a high position.     

3. High-quality imported Chip

Sansi uses high-quality imported chip to ensure high lighting effect, long service life, good stability and reliability of the LED tunnel lights.
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