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The world’s leading LED shadowless surgical operation lamp is developed successfully by Sansi

Time: 2014/11/20       Author:None
Shadowless surgical operation lamp namely is the lamp that is used in surgical operation. This lamp requests high shadowless rate and high color rendering index. Meanwhile it can provide required color temperature. In surgical lighting area, it has shadowless effect. That is to say there are few shadows which are formed by the doctor’s head, palm and surgical instruments etc so as to ensure doctor can clearly see the cavity organs, tissues, blood vessels and see the situation in the deep of cavity. Shadowless surgical operation lamp is very important tool as it is relation to the success of doctor’s surgery and patient’s life.
The traditional shadowless lamp uses tungsten halogen as light source. It gets the desired color temperature by transmitting light through the filter membrane coated on the glass. The main defect is: 1, During surgical lighting process, it will generate lots of heat which cause to doctor sweating and affect doctor’s working status. At the same time, it is easy to cause damage on nerve and organ which should avoid heat and easy to dry. 2, The adjustment of color temperature is complicated, not adapt to doctor’s habit. 3. Lamp is high power, low luminous efficiency, high power consumption, short lifetime, and not environmental protection.

Sansi play the comprehensive strength of research and development in various fields. Starting from the basic principles of science, after a year of painstaking exploration and research, we break numerous technical difficulties and have developed SSWYD series LED shadowless lamp which is optimal on optics, electronic and other performance. These series of products are ahead of international advanced level. Its CRI is up to 97% , high shadowless rate, with high luminous efficiency, illumination uniformity, no flicker, good effect of cold light; impact resistant, unbreakable, easy for disinfection, no mercury pollution, excluding infrared and ultraviolet components, 35000 hours lifetime; 900mm lighting depth, light spot’s diameter above 140mm and is continuously adjustable, brightness and color temperature can be adjusted, color temperature could be 3500K,4000K,4500K,5000K and more adjustable grade; mechanical tower crane/bracket/spring are imported from international famous brand, it sets brightness adjustment device. Light irradiation angle can be varied according to doctor’s location and surgical range. Operation is easy flexible and stable. Operating range and momentum index of shadowless lamp are compliance to international medical surgical requirement.

Lately, these series of products passed technical test and certification by relevant department. In the near future, medical workers can enjoy Sansi SSWYD series LED shadowless lamp which is cold light source, outstanding technical performance and energy saving. Meanwhile, the environment of doctor's surgery will be greatly improved and enhanced.

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