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The First Domestic Led Road Light System Case Having Been Successfully Accepted

Time: 2016/07/25       Author:None

Hongze Smart Road Pole System Project in Jiangsu province, is the first domestic case in which intelligent road light system is massively applied. Being the largest smart road light project that have been applied in smart city operation so far, the project includes about 3,000 LED road lights which support intelligent dimming, and more than 30 intelligent road lights as well as operation management platforms.

Hongze Smart Road Pole System Project

Recently, the project got its one-time acceptance by related regulating departments, creating new heights of the practical application of intelligent road light system.

LED road lights

The project acceptance work contains not only the upgrading of sodium lights in public lighting roads and LED road lights in part of the newly built roads, but also the overall development of smart city system, including the software and hardware systems for the perceiving, networking, controlling and judging of urban infrastructure and environment and the management, operation and maintenance on its basis.

Sansi smart road light system

As the first domestic large-scale application project that has been accepted, Sansi smart road light system realizes urban intelligent management and citizen’s intelligent livelihood, demonstrates the early shape of China smart city, further emphasize smart pole system as an inseparable part in the application of smart city and stands as good example for the popularization of smart city construction. 

smart pole system