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The First Chinese LED Smart Pole System Large Scale Project Launched Successfully

Time: 2016/07/29       Author:None

Hongze smart pole project in Jiangsu province is the first large scale project of  LED smart pole application in China. This project includes around 3, 000 LED smart dimming LED road lights, more than 30 full configurations of smart poles and operation management system. The operaton management system enables to achieve the big data collection, statistics and analysis. The project has become the largest scale of smart pole application running  for the smart city operation.

LED smart pole application

the project has been approved by municipality departments at one-time inspection, which means smart pole system has reached another high level of  application practically.

LED road lights

The approved Hongze smart road lighting project not only achieved the replacements of the traditional road lights with LED lights and the updates of LED lights. but also launched the applications of smart city in a full scope, such as smart life and smart city management. The project also includes municipal facilities management, environmental perception, network, command control and decision analysis software and hardware system, plus the management, operation and the maintenance of the whole system.

smart pole system

As the first approved successful completion of large scale application project in China,  Sansi smart pole system project in Hongze has achieved the major functions of smart city management and the smart life for the citizens, marking the Chinese smart city has taken off from the starting point, further highlighted the importance of the smart lighting system in the smart city and proved to be a great model of building smart cities in the next step.

Sansi smart pole system project

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