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The Emergence of LED Road Lights Changes Direction of Lighting Industry

Time: 2016/09/18       Author:None
Roads can be divided into different categories according to their functional qualities. Despite the varied sorts, all roads are required to be equipped with lighting fixtures in order to ensure night traffic convenience and guarantee safety, which is known as road lights. With the birth of the fourth generation clean green light LED light, LED road lights gradually catch more and more attention.

LED Road Light

LED road lights have many advantages. As the municipal facilities, good lighting effect and long service life enhance the public security, and reduce the maintenance cost, such as capital and manpower input. Chip, power supply, optical design, thermal effect of the LED road light are factors that will directly influence lighting effect and service life. 

Sansi is a China high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, manufacture and follow-up service of LED products. To tackle technical difficulties, Sansi has made much efforts. During decades of years’ accumulation, Sansi has become a China leading LED road lighting manufacturer. multiple LED lighting projects have been rated as demonstration project by relevant national authority departments.

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