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China Biggest Smart Pole System Is Successfully Accepted

Time: 2016/07/25       Author:None

Recently, more than 3000 Sansi smart road lights in Hongze County of Jiangsu Province have been put into use. These smart road systems are designed to supply citizens as well as municipal governors with a series of convenient services and smart city management applications. Other than providing road lighting, the smart road light system is also able to offer monitoring and alarming for dangerous buildings or bridges and big data support for urban construction as well as other functions like releasing WIFI signals, battery-charging service for electromobiles, release of emergency information, etc.

Smart Road Light System

It is reported the whole facilities of Hongze smart road light system project is provided by Shanghai Sansi, a professional manufacture and supplier of LED lighting and smart road light applications. The project adopts Sansi smart pole system, consisting of 3000 smart dimming LED road lights, 31 smart road pole systems and its system platforms, making it the biggest and first application case of LED Smart Pole System. According to reports, Shanghai Sansi will further participate in the operating, managing and maintaining of the system to strengthen smart city management in Hongze district.

LED Road Lighting

It is no empty talk by saying a project drives the intelligentization of a city. The responsible officer from Hongze Department of Housing Construction introduced that the Sansi Smart Pole System has already brought prominent economic and social benefits to the construction of smart city of Hongze. The built-in sensors accurately record and respond to separate situations. Some can do real time monitoring and data gathering on environmental indicator data like air visibility, PM 2.5, etc. Some can offer monitoring information on surrounding bridges, tunnels, massifs to help with low-cost, high-covering solutions for urban disasters. These data will serve as reference for city governors.

LED Smart Pole System

The implementation of Sansi smart pole system in Hongze county is a strong demonstration that smart city construction has achieved initial success and with doubt it will provide valuable experience for the construction of smart city in other areas. Hopefully, a new mode that includes smart pole system in urban infrastructure construction is gradually shown to us to make our livelihood more environmentally friendly and convenient.

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