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The 100W Incandescent Bulb Replacement : SANSI LED Bulb Powers at 10W!

Time: 2014/11/14       Author:None

The 2014 Sansi Press Conference featuring a revolutionary 10W LED bulb to replace the 100W incandescent bulb was held at Shanghai Hongqiao State Guest Hotel on April 26th, 2014. The launch of this breakthrough product never before achieved in the lighting world was witnessed by over 200 attendees, including academics of the Chinese Academy of Science and Engineering, Xiangshan Conference Secretary, Sansi President Dr. Chen Bishou, Sansi General Manager Mr. Wang Huafeng, Sansi Deputy General Manager Mr. Wang Yinghua, and other professionals and experts in the industry including members from the media.

2014 Sansi Press Conference

Sansi General Manager--- Wang Huafeng

Sansi General Manager, Mr. Wang Huafeng first expressed warm welcome and extended sincere gratitude to all guests present for the event. He gave a speech on the introduction and development of Sansi.  Sansi had started the research and development plan of high-quality LED bulbs since January of 2012.  The first phase of this plan was accomplished by the development of a 40W incandescent light bulb LED replacement, while the second phase mainly focused on the development of 100W incandescent light bulb LED replacement. Mr. Wang also shared the technical challenges Sansi faced during its research and development stage to achieve the 10W LED bulb.  That included needing to address high luminous efficacy, wide light distribution, good heat dissipation performance and A19 size request. 

Sansi Deputy General Manager – Wang Yinghua

Sansi Deputy General Manager, Mr Wang Yinghua gave an introduction speech on the newly-launched 10W LED bulb, and expressed prospects for the 10W LED bulb’s potential markets. Mr. Wang proudly announced that the 10W LED bulb was a perfect embodiment of Sansi’s 21 years’ R&D capability and experience. It successfully overcame the technical challenges to develop the 100W incandescent replacementby achieving a high luminous efficacy of 160 lm/w, meeting minimum bulb size request of A19, acquiring wide light distribution of 270°and a lifetime of 40,000 hours, all powered at an astoundingly low wattage of only 10W! Compared to other international top brands’ LED bulb, the Sansi 10W  LED bulb saves twice as much energy, while the join temperature is less than 45C, which is much lower than the general joint temperature of >60C.  Technical achievements on Sansi’s 10W LED bulb includes features as: a ceramic heat sink design for heat dissipation, optimized IC power supply design, and a stacked-design LED chip layout for optical direction. The Sansi 10W LED bulb will be ready for mass production by July 2014.

Sansi 10W LED Bulb

The unveiling of Sansi’s10W LED bulb was performed by academics of The Chinese Academy of Science and Engineering and Sansi President Dr. Chen Bishou.

First from Right Sansi President Dr. Chen Bishou.

During the interactive presentation, Mr. Zhang Shanrui from The Light Source Institute of Fudan University, said that the Sansi LED bulb is the most cutting-edge LED bulb he has ever seen by far, further boosting high praises from attendees and guests. 

Guests visit Shanghai Sansi Systems Laboratory.

After the conference, guests were taken on a short tour to visit Shanghai Sansi R&D Center at Jiashan production facility, Sansi Systems Laboratory, R&D at Sansi’s headquarters to gain a deeper understanding of just what goes into the development of Sansi products.  They also witnessed the world’s most cost-efficient Sansi LED bulb in complete accordance with all technical requirements to replace the traditional 100 watt incandescent bulb, the LED Medical Surgical Shadowless Lamp with a CRI 97 and a breathtaking LED full color display with an astounding fine pitch of 1.66mm.


Guests visit Shanghai Sansi Research and Development Department.

Shanghai Sansi was established in 1993.  It is a high-tech private enterprise in China specialized in the development and production of LED application products, with  facilities covering an area of over 86,000m2and a staff of 1700 employees. Sansi is dedicated to research and development, with 21 years R&D experience and the world’s largest R&D center in the LED applicationsindustry.  Sansi has a multi-discipline R&D group with over 400 engineers, including over 40 doctors and masters degree holders, over 20 researchers and senior engineers, 3 R&D departments and 1 Research Institute, 13 laboratories dedicated to the study and development of optics, lighting fixtures, software, electronic circuit, micro-electronics, structures, power supply, technology, LED encapsulation, basis material, molding, patent, system integration and other professional research areas. 

The successful launch of the highly efficient LED bulb is only one step of Sansi’s developmental milestone.  Sansi’s people will continuously carry forward the spirit of honesty, innovation, practicality and modesty, adhering to the development path of integrating research, production and trade, scaling greater heights in the LED application technology, and bringing to rise and pride the popularity of products made in China!