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Tailoring Your Factory Building Lighting

Time: 2016/06/03       Author:None
After research on the factory lighting conditions, we found the fact that most factory area is large, and the installation of all kinds of lights and lanterns is very miscellaneous, leading to severe waste of electricity energy. Yet in order to save costs most of the commercial lights and lanterns designed specifically for factories on the market are characteristic with low light efficiency, poor heat dissipation, short service life, installation problems, high repair or replacement cost and poor quality. Many factories are actively in search for a good commercial LED lighting solution, hoping to improve the current situation.

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Being a professional commercial LED lighting manufacture, Sansi new Wallpack Light is timely designed to improve the situation, giving factories more options in choosing factory lights. This kind of wallpack light adopts the American style shaping design, excels in heat sink system; enclosure of it is made of aluminum with a compression molding process to ensure the cooling performance, and the service life of the lights. At the same time, by adopting ingenious optical mask, light distribution effect is well ensures as well as a effectively prevention of dazzle.

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Adding a photosensitive sensor in the light is the most distinctive thing about this new product. It can achieve automatic switch according to the environmental illumination difference. When it's dark, it can automatically light up, and when evening comes, the light will automatically turn off itself..

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At the same time, thanks to the built-in infrared induction device, when someone is approaching in the night within 5 meters, the light can automatically light up. This setting brings convenience to both pedestrians passing by and the security work of the factory. Another feature of the new type of wallpack light is its way of installation. As it is independent fixed installation hangs, it can improve the efficiency of the installation of lights ,  disassembling and maintenance.

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Sansi new Wallpack Light, as a strong component of Smart Building, has served in many factories, the most famous example of which is the Honda Motor case. In Hongda Motor case, a series of lighting transformation has been done,including external lighting, lighting of  workshop and factory road, etc. After this, lighting condition is highly improved, the concept of emerging smart building is combined, and network of the factory's fire control, monitoring, electrical equipment and communication network is working to speed up the process and reduce the management cost for the factory.

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In the aspect of certification and qualification, the wallpack light has passed the CCC and ETL/DLC certification, and is in line with the PSE, CE, RCM certification requirements. At the same time, this kind of wallpack light has 5-year quality assurance. Your satisfaction is the lifelong pursuit of Sansi !