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Studios and newsrooms are tuning in to Sansis LED displays

Time: 2016/04/25       Author:Justin
Sansi manufactures and designs LED indoor displays in any dimension with customized pitch sizes. The lower the pitch, the better the picture quality. A newsroom is a 24/7 networking center that requires multiple displays in various sizes to handle real-time news. A Sansi LED indoor display means viewers at home see high end precision when tuning in to their local news stations.

Sansi LED indoor display

It's not uncommon to see up to 10 different displays in the background of your favorite new stations, studios and entertainment programs. Sansi's systems and controls make it easy and safe to manage any number of displays ensuring clear imaging and smooth video processing. We recently completed 2 studio projects for news stations in both Qingpu district and Jiangsu province both located in China.

To learn more about how our displays and our completed studio projects, email us at