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Strategy Cooperation between Sansi and Siemens on Highway LED Display

Time: 2014/12/06       Author:None
Siemens Corporation is one of the largest electrical engineering and electronics companies in the world, is also one of the well-recognized companies with strongest R & D ability. Its business covers more than 190 countries and regions, with about 600 factories, research and development centers and sales offices throughout the world. The company's business mainly focuses on information and communications, automation and control, power, transportation, medical systems and lighting areas.
Shanghai Sansi is the largest and most competitive LED application manufacturer, is the leader company in LED applications industry. It’s ranked the No.1 in the domestic LED display industry for continuous 11 years, the domestic industry magazine "Engineering LED" has ranked Shanghai Sansi as the No.1 China's most promising LED display in top 10 Chinese companies for continuous 5 years; the authoritative global industry magazine, wrote down the comments on their artical issued on 2012 5/6 months: Sansi is the world's second largest LED (applications) manufacturer; Shanghai Sansi has more than 60 percent market share of the national highway information display; more than 70% market share of the national high-speed rail station screen ; about 60% market share of domestic subway LED lighting .
At first, when Siemens German seek a strategic partner in China, they pick Shanghai Sansi because of its super comprehensive R & D strength, first-class production technology and the integrity of the service system. After many years of cooperation and communication, Siemens has a deeper understanding about Sansi, and also give Sansi a high recognition and fully trust their production, manufacture and R & D capabilities. Siemens and Sansi has further strengthened the worldwide strategic partnership on highway LED display.

Now in the southwest of Germany, the historic city Constance, it’s also the city that Chen Bishou, the chairman of Shanghai Sansi has studied and worked in 1980-1982 as a visiting scholar, has installed numbers of LED road screen manufactured and labeled by Shanghai Sansi.

Sansi LED road screen is fully in accordance with European road standards EN12966 and Siemens special communication protocol, quality requirements and technical specifications. The brightness can be adjusted automatically according to the ambient brightness, graphics of the display are clear, bright, visual comfort and more energy-saving; the cabinet structure is modular, standardized and can use overall installation; screen structure is designed with front and rear maintenance access, which allows the maintenance more convenient and efficient; high reliable new technology of new information and communication transmission ensures the information timely, accurate, and remote control and monitor; It has a good waterproof, lightning protection, anti-corrosion; fully reflects the latest application result of high-tech in the transportation area.

"European standards, Siemens German's quality, Sansi Researched and developed, Sansi Manufactured!"
The cooperation between Shanghai Sansi and Siemens is an example of win-win co-operation, is also a big step that the national brand penetrate to the international market. With the expanding of Sansi in overseas markets, the pace of Sansi brand to internationalization will go much bigger and more solid.