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Solar LED Road Light determines China future lighting market

Time: 2016/06/13       Author:None
As a new lighting technology, solar LED road light is characterized by low electricity consumption, high luminous efficacy, good reliability and long service life, rated by experts as the main direction for future lighting, the biggest advantage of which is just too economic by saving a lot of electricity.  

It is generally known that a 250- watt high pressure sodium light consumes a yearly electricity fee of around RMB 766. The cost of electricity alone for a total of 2000 sodium lights will presumably be 15.33 billion. While if having solar LED road light for replacement, 15.33 billion can be saved. Just imagine how many schools can be built for the children in poor areas with this 15.33 billion? how many shelters can be provided for the homeless?  

solar energy road lights

Since the 21st century, the industrial developing speed far excels the energy consumption speed, making solar energy the ideal choice in replacement of the traditional energy.

In this high-tech industrial revolution, Sansi strongly occupies the market by independently developing new type solar LED energy-saving road light, with the fractional energy saving rate reaching to 90%, just 1/10 of the power consumption of the traditional lighting.

Sansi new solar LED road light is more than energy-saving. The utilization of solar energy, on one hand, decreases the construction cost by omitting laying of wires. On the other hand, high voltage power supply is longer needed in solar LED street light, and voltage peak is within safety standard, making it harmless and free from potential dangers.  

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