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smart light

Time: 2016/05/31       Author:None
Like a creature, the human cities have grown and evolved for thousands of years. What used to be a plain collection of rocks, bricks and metals, tends to grow its and ears, and even brains. The smart city may sense the human beings residing within, and moves its resources to hhelp, protect and accommodate the everyday life of the people living in it.

Smart Road Light System China

Today, the engineers in Sansi Tech are bringing the eye and ear for the smart cities. The model below is an integrated smart light system. 

Smart Street Lighting System India

Various services are available through this smart light system to the public:

- Energy Saving LED lighting

- Multiple environment sensors

- Wireless Hotspot for Internet Access

- Commercial/public video display

- Video Monitoring

- RFID detection for monitoring

- Emergency Call

- Electrical power automobile charging station

The key concept 

Sansi Intelligent Street Light focuses on the improvement of comfortable lighting,people care and intelligent control.It provides LED lighting,information collection,transmission,data processign and the integrated control technology.It is an important carrier and system terminal of the future smart community and smart city.

Application Diagram

Sansi Intelligent Street Light is an important part of the today's Smart City.

Smart Street Lighting Solutions

Powerful Control System

The Sansi StartRiver system is based on cloud platform.It provides the users with three level monitor:point(road light) - line(road) - surface(city).

Smart Street Lighting Solutions

The applications 

Smart Road Light System China

Sansi intelligent street light system has been successfully settled in Wuning Industrial Zone.In addition to the park's road lighting. 

it also provides news media and security intelligent management,and forms a lighting network that serves the public from various approaches.