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Time: 2014/12/18       Author:None

Why Switch to LED Surgical Task Lighting?

“LED technology is advancing into new categories of white light applications, including surgical task lighting, where early indications suggest significant potential for energy savings and reduced maintenance. The halogen lamps typically used in surgical task lights suffer from relatively low luminous efficacy (lumens of light output per watt of input power), which is only worsened by filters that must be used to reduce the amount of non-visible radiation they emit. LED surgical task lights typically do not require such filtering media, and their higher efficacy can allow for reductions in connected load of 50 percent or more, with potential for additional energy savings through constant-color dimming and reduced cooling load in the operating room. Furthermore, while halogen lamps are typically rated for just 1,000 to 3,000 hours and fail catastrophically (sudden and without warning), LED surgical task lights are generally rated for 25,000 to 40,000 hours and are expected to “fail” by gradually fading in brightness.” --U.S. Department of Energy, August 2011 



The SANSI Shadowless Surgical Lamp aims to provide medical practitioners a new type of medical lighting solution combining LED and Sansi’s unique housing design that provides shadowless obstruction, lesser heat, higher output and more control options for various operating scenarios.  This equipment provides high color rendering index, high luminous efficiency, superior heat dissipation all found in an aerodynamically “6-Petal” design housing. It is durable and shock resistant, materials composed of non-polluting non-toxic components, emits no infrared and no UV elements. Air convention design properties incorporated into the design produces minimal heat which provides a comfortable working environment for the surgeon.   CRI of 97, no flicker technology, light uniformity, long life span, adjustable brightness and color temperatures are just some of the features that position the Sansi Shadowless Surgical Lamp on an international standard level.  
(This product is in compliance with the IEC Standard)

Optical Design                                    
The “spot size” can be adjusted and focused according to the size of the patient’s surgical area. The optical design of Sansi allows to obtain a concentrated light beam directed to a specific area while maintaining constant uniformity. Each petal on the lamp consists of 17 single chips in which the light path consisting of these multiple sets of LED point light beams intersect together forming the desired color temperature.

Cold Light Source Technology
Sansi has applied world class LED chips from Nichia and Osram as the main light source allowing high luminous efficacy and a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.  The light source also has a slow failure rate dimming gradually as it approaches the end of its life time allowing medical technicians to attend to replacements ahead of time.  

Color Temperature Setting                         
The Microelectronics Intelligent Control comes with 4 preset color temperature scenarios.  Each scenario allows a 10-level brightness adjustment. Color temperature can be controlled and set accordingly to help identify and differentiate various human tissue, muscle and organs during surgery.  It is also equipped with memory function in case of power outages.  Scope of illuminance from 50kLux-160kLux.

Brightness Adjustment                        
Each color temperature can be adjusted through a 10-level brightness setting on the control display. Operators can adjust the brightness according to different operating scenarios, giving them more control on how to adapt to various brightness settings to achieve the clearest and most comfortable operating environment preventing eye fatigue during major procedures.  A “Twilight mode” is also featured, an option that allows doctors to use less powerful light source for minimal invasive surgeries.

High Color Rendering Index                       
A high CRI of 97 allows the surgical lamp to provide optimum visualization of human blood, organs and tissues of similar color.  This helps in identifying the different organs and tissues during operation.

Heat Dissipation Technology 
The application of Sansi’s unique heat dissipation technology significantly lowers rising temperature over the surgeon’s head and the patient’s surgical area allowing comfortable conditions while performing major surgical procedures for long hours. 

6-Petal Laminar Flow Design                                 
The streamlined “6-petal” designed by Sansi successfully lowers the interference of the laminar air flow and turbulence flow.  Air resistance is extremely low due to the petal-like air convection design allowing heat to effectively dissipate. The housing design is a smooth surface body allowing for easy cleaning and disinfection.  This design also prevents dirt or bacteria build up in crevices normally found in other medical luminaires that have more partitions which may prove difficult to spot stains.  The design is visually pleasing due to its no sharp edge design.  The lamp rotates 360 degrees.

Torque Design                               
The frictional resistance of the lamp head adjustment is extremely minimal.  Thrust factor is under 15N, a figure much lower than the industry standard requirement of 25N.  This allows the surgeon to easily adjust the lamp in different directions and angles during medical procedure.

Arms and Joints
Sansi uses German-made components for the arms and joints ensuring durability and multi-movement functions.  The lamp is equipped with a lightweight balance arm cantilever system, a 5 group universal joints system for easy movement and stationary positions. It allows omnidirectional adjustments of 5 dimensionalities meeting the various height and angle requirement of industry surgical lamps.

Sheet 1: Range of Motion

Sterilized Handle
The center maneuvering handle is protected by a sleeve that can easily be removed and sterilized in 75% alcohol to disinfect bacteria. 

Shadowless Technology
The luminous intensity big lamp in the lamp on the disk is arranged into a round shape, synthesis of a large area of the light source. So, can put the light from different angles to the operating table, not only ensure the brightness of the surgical field have enough, at the same time does not produce significant umbra, so called astral lamp. On the basis of the theory of structure, we have constructed the shadowless lamp light intensity of illumination distribution mathematical model, better designed the variable light LED shadowless lamp operation, with 7 LED module architecture shadowless lamp can not only achieve large flare range, and greatly improve the rate of intensity of illumination uniformity and no shadow.

Safety and Reliability 
In the event of a power outage or faulty circuit, the lamp design has incorporated independent power controls per petal part to ensure continuous operation during unforeseen events. During power failure, the second lamp head will continue to work. Within each lamp head uses multiple sets of control systems which is divided into six series group.  Each group has an independent driving mode of constant current, wherein if there is a faulty circuit, other circuit controls will not be affected, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the circuit.  It also operates on low voltage for safety.  Each petal is independent and has its own separate circuit so should one light engine or petal fail, the remaining light engines will continue to function. The LED chips are also independent in that if one LED source go out, the remaining will continue to function.  

Why a Red-Green-White light combination?   
SANSI uses a unique color combination technology of red, green and white LED chips to achieve certain levels of color temperatures catered for different operating scenarios.  This can range from 3500K up to 5200K.


Lighting and Electrical Performance

Normal working conditions
Supply Voltage:  AC100-230V
Standard Installation Height:  2.9 ~ 3.2 meters
Operating Temp:  -10°C ~ +40°C
Humidity factor:  30% ~ 80%

Standards and Compliance

Safety and Caution
Foundation of the base during installation must be able to withstand 500kg load.