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Several Things That You May Not Know About Sansi Led Smart Pole System

Time: 2016/08/17       Author:None
In August this year, nothing is hotter than the Rio Olympics. And there are wide discussions and attention after a few new faces of athletes quickly become popular among the internet either for their distinguished performance in the games or for their unique personal characters and funny remarks. This makes us think of our led smart pole system, which is as smart as the athlete’s remarks and as hot as the Olympic games. However, you may still not known fully about Sansi led smart pole system

Smart Pole System

Face recognition is no longer a fictional scene in novels or movies. 
Take one thing for example, if your child is lost, Sansi smart pole system can do face-recognition and monitoring and relocation after posing the child’s photo in the system. 

Sansi smart pole system has wifi network wisdom, and each intelligent terminal network is connected to the city’s monitoring center and alarm system. If a child is accidentally lost, Sansi smart pole system  can do similarity matching and recognition based on photographs of missing children and facial feature extraction. The system assorts the missing children information into the network system, and automatically start street light searching function, face recognition, and tracking positioning. As long as there is Sansi smart pole system on the street, , the smart road light will automatically alarm once abducted children appears. 

Sansi smart pole system plays multiple roles in smart city.
Sansi led smart pole system also plays multiple roles in the smart city management, such as Wireless network base station, intelligent sensors, RFID, video monitoring, emergency call, automobile charging, arbitrary switching between multimedia players, etc.

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