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Sansi Smart Pole System Proves Helpful In Flood Prediction

Time: 2016/07/19       Author:None

Previously, China State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters issued a set of statistics regarding to recent rainstorms and flood in many regions of China. According to statistics, there has been 1119 counties in 26 provinces that suffered in the rainstorms and floods, affecting more than 32,820,000 people and causing a direct economic loss of about 50.6 billion yuan. 

Sansi Smart Pole System

June and July is the rainy season to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river region. In the meantime, it is at this time when typhoon is affecting southeast coastal areas in China. All this makes flood prevention more challenging, especially for this year when overlapping with a typical El Nino year. 

Sansi Smart Pole System is playing an important role in face of storms, floods, landslides and other natural disasters. 

Sansi Smart Pole System, a customization product for city managers to build Internet + weather system,making up city's "natural" sensing and transmission network system. It can not only predict the occurrence of storms, floods, landslides, but also provide early warning of natural calamities such as earthquake and forest fires.
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