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Sansi Motional Led Display Lit Up The Malaysia Seven-Star Hotel

Time: 2016/07/19       Author:None
Recently, 53 indoor full-color small pitch LED displays,with an total area of nearly 600 square meters,begin to operate in a Malaysian seven star hotel. The LED displays are provided and installed by Sansi, a professional and experienced LED products manufacturer from Shanghai, China. A project with such an large displaying area, high effect of 4 k high definition and unique and new design of "44 pieces of mobile modules" has set up a new model for led display solutions in high end hotels.

led displays

"Motional" small pitch LED display satisfies varied displaying needs.

In this project, Sansi has provided 53 small pitch LED displays, including arc-shaped small pitch LED displays, in which the motional modular is a pioneering and innovative move. The 44 led displays on the two sides are supported by the guide rail system, complementary with lightweight design and automatic line system to make the led displays more flexible and changeable according to different displaying needs. In addition, intelligent control system of the guide rail is made full use to ease the inertial impact and realize the seamless Mosaic effect.

ED products manufacturer

Best control system, and showing of ultra-high resolution 

Sansi full color small pitch LED display has a best dot spacing distance of 4 mm, entire screen of which is above maximum resolution of 37 million pixels, far more than 4k TV standard. And the viewing Angle of 140°is a full demonstration of Sansi high level of technology and humanized design considerations. On this premise, through independent research and development of synchronous broadcasting system, Sansi successfully secure the video playback synchronicity with signal transmission accuracy.

small pitch LED displays

Layout of overseas high-end LED display market, lightening Benz launch night.

Sabsi is capable of coping with different displaying demand and coming up with innovative solutions. The project has successfully attracted wide attention of many famous brands.In a recent new product release meeting of Benz, Malaysian prime minister as well as many other celebrities gathering in the site scene, have witnessed Sansi strength.

The success of the project has opened up a broad creative space for business field and provided higher quality, higher plasticity solution for commercial led display. It is also a strong example that Sansi has further confirmed its leadership in southeast Asia and other overseas high-end display market, after Sansi full-color LED display in New York's times square.

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