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Sansi LED Street Lights Pioneer in the Industry

Time: 2014/12/04       Author:None

In early 2013, to implement the "Twelfth Five-Year" Traffic Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Plan in Shanghai, Sansi signed Energy Management Contract (EMC) with Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., LTD. to do light retrofit job for Dalian road east and West tunnel line. After thorough and comprehensive field testing, analysis and calculation, Sansi came up with a solution to apply Sansi new reflective 35W LED tunnel light to replace the original 80W traditional lights (ballast included) for this project. Besides, Sansi researched and developed LED dimmable power supply and intelligent dimming circuit for the tunnel lights, the application of which made it possible to achieve wireless dimming control. The installation of this job started in 2012, and completed in July 2013.

Positive performance results were received, such as great light brightness, uniformity, reliability. It is estimated that it could save around 580,000 kw/h electricity per year, which was amounted to around 234 ton of coal usage saving per year, or 580 ton of carbon dioxide emission reduction per year. The overall energy saving amount can hopefully reach 292 kw/h within 5 years, which is remarkable in energy saving. Dalian road LED lighting retrofit project sets a good example for other LED light retrofit projects in the industry.

What’s more, Thanks to the promotion by Shanghai Urban and Rural Construction Committee of "Standards for LED Street Light Application”, Sansi, together with about a dozen other companies in the LED industry, applied its LED street lights in Shanghai Shenchang Road as LED pilot project. Besides solving traditional light’s uniform issue, Sansi LED street lights fully meet the national industry standards on the brightness, illumination as well as energy saving effect. By the application of 2.4 G wireless communication technology and DALI - SH communication protocol, Sansi accomplished wireless intelligent control on this project. The job is still in the phase of further testing and inspection.

Shanghai Sansi is honored with valuable experience in the field of highway and tunnel LED lighting section, with successful cases like Jiang Xijing Jingying high-speed tunnel project, the Aladdin Magic Lamp winner for "top ten engineering award", etc. Sansi, with its unique core R&D capability and strong market competitiveness, has maintained its leading position in LED application industry with over 60% market share in high way and tunnel sections.