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Sansi Led Road Light Practitioner Of Energy Conservation And Environment Protection

Time: 2016/08/05       Author:None
With the strengthening of efforts in environmental protection education, more and more enterprises join to protect the environment to improve living situation of the city. As heavily polluted areas, road traffic has become the front position of environmental protection. In addition to those car companies which take much efforts in developing more energy-saving vehicles, the LED street light industry that enjoys a rapid rise in recent years also take on the responsibility to improve energy conservation and emission reduction.

led Road Light

China LED road light manufacturers focus on improve electricity conversion rate. Take Sansi, a well-known China led road light manufacturer, as an example. Traditional road lights have a power conversion rate of only 10%, causing much waste. While Sansi adopts imported light-emitting chip of high quality as lighting material, which can achieve 20% of power conversion,  doubling that of traditional street lamp power conversion. In combination with intelligent multistage dimming function, the overall energy consumption can reduce more than 50%.

To achieve the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection, improving power conversion rate is far beyond enough. Heat sinking ability and hardware utilization of led road lights are of equal importance. Shanghai Sansi changes the defects in the traditional street light to extend light service life and keeps advancing its production process of LED road light. The hollowing-out enclosure design is a patented technology aimed at improving the heat sinking ability by forming an auto-convection structure. Protection rate of Sansi led road light reaches to IP65, which can maintain a normal working state even in extreme weathers such as windy days or dusty days or large-temperature-difference days. 
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