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Sansi LED Full-color Screen Marching Toward the Globe Market

Time: 2016/09/06       Author:None
Nowadays LED displays are seen everywhere. Because of the amazing visual effect and vivid presentation of LED screens, many international brands and advertisers usually prefer to use LED displays to promote and popularize their products, service or ideas, which has become a great chance to LED display manufacturers. Looking around the world, the most eye-catching and popular LEDs are undoubtedly the full-color LED displays at New York's Times Square.

LED Displays

New York's Times Square, also called as the crossroads of the world, is a triangle region in the midtown of Manhattan, New York. New York's Times Square, as the symbol of the New York city, has gathered corporations and top companies, such as the Nasdaq Exchange. It is the world's busiest business circle with hundreds of thousands of people visiting here everyday. According to statistics, in June 2016, an average of more than 350,000 people came here per day. Such large crowds makes the every piece of LED screen at the Times square perfect advertising window. As early as ten years ago, the lowest price for Times Square LED screen advertising has reached us $350,000.

Multiple full-color LED displays designed and provided by Sansi can enter the Times Square, proves as the best recognition of the quality and strength of China LED display manufacturer.

Sansi, as a leading China LED display manufacturer, has produced and imported multiple LED displays to the world’s top business circle-the New York’s Time Square after prudently and rigorously selecting and testing from a great deal of LED display competitors. Sansi has become a pioneering China LED display manufacturer, with the aim at improving the performance and stability of the LED display on behalf of China LED brand.

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