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Sansi LED Display applied in the 3rd phase of Lunar Exploration Program

Time: 2014/12/04       Author:None

At 2 AM, 24th, Oct, 2014, China has successfully launched the test return orbiter for the 3rd phase of Lunar Exploration Program at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. It’s a very important validation flight trial to our Lunar Exploration Program, its mission is to obtain experimental data and validate re-entry technologies and trajectory design for a future touch-down on the moon by Chang'e-5, which is expected to be sent to the moon, collect samples and return to Earth in 2017. The success of this launch mission marks China’s big step to aerospace technology.

sansi led
Xichang Satellite Launch Center, built in 1970, is affiliated with the General Reserve Department of PLA. The Launch Center owns the system of trial launch, command and control, monitor and measure, communication, meteorological and etc. It has successfully launched Chinese First Telecommunications Broadcast Satellite, Dongfanghong II, it ends the time that China rent foreign satellite for TV watch; The successfully-launched 11th Beidou navigation satellite is our first launched Beidou navigation system networking satellite; Xichang Satellite Launch Center has successfully involved 34 times of domestic and international satellites launch since it’s established.
Now, the launch center is capable to use the Long March 3A, Long March 3B and other 5 models of rockets, launch all kinds of orbits with high, medium, low route and multi-directional requirement, achieve the remotely trial launch and commend control.

First Ultra HD LED display in Control Center


Control Center is the ‘Nerve Center’ of the Launch Center. In order to respond to President Xi Jinping’s demands on the localization of military equipment, lots of transformation has been done to the Control Center at the early time before the satellite launch, eliminating the traditional color television screens and projection screens (already used 10 years), first time using a national brand small-pitch ultra HD LED display developed by Shanghai Sansi as a small pitch command display and video signal monitoring screen.

sansi led

The display is with a 1.6mm pitch, consisting of over 400 cabinets, display area over 75 square meters, and has the below outstanding features:

1、Ultra High Resolution

The resolution of this display is up to 26,000,000 pixels, it’s one of the highest resolution indoor LED display so far. Meantime, the contrast of this small pitch display is up to 3000:1, the overall uniformity of brightness and chrominance s over 98%, it has greatly improved the color richness and the visual comfort.

2、Seamless switch

According to the base customized requirement on the particular screen, fast switch, simplist operation and etc during the launch mission, the display is designed with the distributed image processing system, which supports the synchronous management of up to 128 channels of all kinds of 1080P full HD signal input, it enables the real seamless switch within all signals while with the overall monitoring function.

3、Safe, stable and reliable

The entire LED control system and display system are both applied with dual backup design, all the signal transmission line, signal process device and driver management are using 1 plus 1 backup, which fully ensure the reliability of entire system, zero failure during the launch, completely meet the requirement of high sensitivity, fast response and strong reliability during the launch.

High localization

The entire system, from control PC to switch, operating system to operating software are all localized, maximized meet the high demand of on-site real time display and trial control, it is also the first time that China apply the LED display in the field of aerospace science and research on emission measurement and control tasks, it represents the top LED display technology level of current China or even the world. Specially that all the software and hardware involved to the entire play, monitor, display system of the LED display are researched and developed independently by Sansi.

High efficiency and fast response

All the ideas or suggestions brought by the base side during the commissioning and installation of the Ultra HD LED display are efficiently solved by Shanghai Sansi technicians at the very short time. It’s all because that Sansi owns a multi-disciplinary overlapping comprehensive R&D team which covers computer, automatic control, electronic engineering, systems integration and etc, they have a very solid R&D ability, rich practical experience and fast response system.

Highly responsible, deep participate

This launch is the first launch after the Control Center’s transformation.Since this is the first launch after the renovation of the control center, in order to ensure the launch goes smoothly, the base side has arranged multiple times of simulation tests and joint exercises. Shanghai Sansi Technicians participate with highly work responsibility and national pride, working closely with the base stuff. Sansi technician has considered all kinds of possible problems may happen during the launch and their corresponding solutions, they have also prepared the fully plan for the thunderstorms weather that the launch may encounter to ensure the successful completion of launch.
sansi led
The current world's only ultra-high-definition small-pitched LED display from Shanghai Sansi, has great helped the on-site commanders to keep abreast of all aspects of the launch and the entire process, and make the correct judge and give the commends, making a remarkable achievement for the lunar exploration phase III.

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