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Sansi Highway Variable Message Sign--Escorting For Your Trip

Time: 2016/09/01       Author:None
Highway transportation has a rapid and strong development in recent years. However behind the high speed of development, vehicle flowrate is getting larger and larger, making congestion and traffic accidents frequently occur, especially in holidays when more families have time to go for traveling. 

LED Variable Message Sign

Highway is their preferred route. If a serious accident happens, it will surely cause traffic congestion and in return traffic congestion will delay the rescuing and traffic dispersion, being a vicious cycle. There has been many cases which is caused by imperfect management or delayed or incorrect traffic information release. 

In order to reduce highway traffic congestion and lower down the frequency of traffic accidents, and to improve the highway operation conditions as well as the existing security system, Sansi LED Variable Message Sign is widely applied to take up the responsibility of information release, traffic guidance and dispersion.

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