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Sansi bucket-shaped LED display applied in NBA China Match

Time: 2014/12/02       Author:None
Shanghai station match of Year 2014 NBA International series match starts at Mercedes-Benz on 12th, Oct as scheduled. The bucket-shaped LED display of Shanghai Sansi has originally showed the NBA top event scene to the audience, greatly satisfied the fans.


The competition between Sacramento Kings and the Brooklyn Nets was extremely fierce, that was really a close match. There are many popular players such as the Nets player Kelvin Garnett and Deron Williams, Kings player, Guy and Landry. Garnett was sitting all time on the bench after replaced by the Nets coach. When the two teams played inextricably, the fans were very much hoping to put to Kevin Garnett, but coach did not make any moves, making the fans in the arena have all screamed in unison at the very last minutes: "KG! KG! KG!" The on-site LED display has also been showing the close-up scene of Garnett face, prompting he and his teammates laughing a lot.


At last, the Nets won by a narrow margin 97 to 95. The match ended, but the fans were longing for more and looking forward to the next NBA China Games at the arena.


In order to ensure the success of NBA event, Shanghai Sansi has organized a very professional team with high sense of responsibility and expertise, and they have successfully assisted with the NBA match held by Mercedes-Benz Arena, won the highly approval from the organizer. This time, they win the highly compliment again.