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Outdoor LED Full-color Display Contributes To New City Image

Time: 2016/08/26       Author:None
With the continuous development of economy and speeding up of urbanization, LED screens have been widely used in cities. Especially outdoor LED screen is widely adopted and makes up part of city construction. Outdoor LED screen has become the common choice for owners. LED screen can not only play static text, pictures, but also is more dedicated in presenting high quality, high color plumpness, high-definition image of complex applications. 

Sansi Outdoor Full-Color Led Display

Among them, most notably is the industry leader, Sansi outdoor full-color LED display. Whether in traffic arteries, landmarks, or prosperous business circle, Sansi LED display can be seen and found properly function. The notable case is one Sansi LED full-color display in the New York's Times Square, which is presented by Sansi. 
Sansi full-color LED displays have been installed in the stadiums, exhibition centers, city squares, stations, wharf, large buildings, popular science gardens, schools, communities pedestrian streets, channels and so on. Whether it's used for broadcast advertising, video, or used as the artistic shaping scene, government culture propaganda, Sansi LED full-color display can always bring people wonderful visual experience.

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