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On Surgical Lights

Time: 2016/07/22       Author:None
Modern technology has made big progress, one significant example is the medical apparatus and instruments. Efficiency and outcome of treatment and rescue are greatly improved, thanks to the advanced medical condition. More newly-developed medical instruments and methods are introduced, making medical staffs more prepared in face of diseases, especially for surgeries, where every small mistakes can be fatal. 

Surgical lights have played a key role in the success of a surgery. It is well known that objects will have shadows when exposed in a light. Only with strong lights the shadow can be neglected, yet strong lights are not beneficial to a person’s eyesight. For doctors in a surgery, how to see clearly on the objects with the lights on becomes quite important.

On Surgical Lights

Sansi shadow-less LED surgical light is the perfect one for surgical lighting fixtures. It adopts the most advanced LED technology to meet different surgical lighting needs. CRI (Color Rendering Index ) of Sansi shadow-less LED surgical light reaches to 97, highest color rendering grade in the industry, maximizing the presentation of the original color of object skins and organs. At the same time, the light is bright enough,yet not to dazzle. No glaring light is produced and doctors will not have visual fatigue. Sansi shadow-less LED surgical light is also characterized by its high grade of shdowlessness, brightness, dimming color temperature, evenly distributed spot, low energy consumption, and a long service life. 

Sansi has a strong capability in research and development with a great amount of patented technologies. As a surgical lighting manufacturer, Sansi is undoubtedly the model in medical LED lighting industry

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