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On Subway LED Display

Time: 2016/09/13       Author:None
Subway LED displays are LED displays that are installed on the walls of underground passages, subway tunnels and other places to display the train operation interval, running direction, current station stop and other relevant information. The text displayed on the subway LED screens has various kinds of effects.

Subway LED displays

Besides the convenience services for the mass public, subway LED display is an ideal occasion for commercial advertising. With thousands of passengers in and out, metro LED displays have great locations to attract the attention. And it has become the most important way of advertising revenues. 

Subway LED display is an important category in the field of rail transport LED display. It is warmly welcomed by the outdoor media for its less consumption of electricity, long service life, low cost, originally presentation of images and colors. Subway LED displays frequently appear in the metro area, and has become a beautiful scenery line in the subway.