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On LED Industrial Lights

Time: 2016/08/25       Author:None
LED industrial lighting fixtures are commonly used in gas stations, highway toll stations, factory buildings, plazas etc. To meet different lighting requirements, the industrial lighting fixtures are divided into many categories, including the ceiling type installed in factory buildings, gas stations, highway toll stations, and garden lighting applied mostly in plazas and inside of the facilities. 

Usually the common LED industrial lighting products are canopy light, high bay light, low bay light, wallpack light, etc. 

LED Industrial Lighting

Sansi is a China experienced lighting manufacturer. In more than 20 years’ development, Sansi has grown into a leading lighting supplier in the LED industry. Sansi self-deveoped LED industrial lighting can be categorized into the square type, the bell-shaped type and the garden type. 

Among those three types, the square LED industrial lighting fixtures have the simplest structure, easy to install and maintain. Its power consumption is about 40% to 60% less than the traditional lamps. The bell-shaped light, is also called the industrial light. Inside the bell-shaped housing, it is coated with high efficient reflective material, and can reduce more than 50% of power consumption. The structure of garden light is chic and delicate, replacing the traditional garden lights with about 50% energy saving. 

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