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Sansi Smart Road Light (August 2015)

Time: 2015/08/13       Author:None

Sansi Smart Road Light

A Street-side Hot Spot for Light, Info and Power

A.Smart Lighting

l30W-480W Wattage

l3000 lm - 48000 lm Illumination: 

lUp to 110 lm/w lighting efficiency

lIndependent Pixel Heat Sink technology

International standards certified

B.LED Display 

High resolution LED display with high brightness defying outdoor sun light.
Outdoor full-color LED display for advertising / community information.
Real-time display of PM 2.5/ temperature/ humidity/ 

barometric pressure/ wind speed/ wind direction/ noise.
Emergency call system for monitoring outgoing 

broadcasting and outdoor branch call monitoring center.

C.Emergency Power Charge 

Integrated 3.5kW electric car charging station for 

emergency power charging.
Support payment card of national grid.
Multiple charging connectors supported

D.Information Collection

Integrated environmental monitoring sensors providing

 real-time information on PM 2.5/ temperature/ humidity/ barometric pressure/wind speed/wind direction/noise.
Outdoor camera supporting PTZ control for security surveillance.
Integrated RFID reader for RFID cards of the real-time monitoring of the staff/elderly/children/pets etc.
Supporting asset tag for municipal equipment monitoring, including services covers /cash bins, etc.

Control and Communication

Sansi smart controller for light control/display control/information capture/information local processing/information transmission;
Easy-to-expand, self-healing tree network, supporting

 up to 500 nodes.
Security; 128-bit AES encryption, supporting secure authentication and new devices.
Master lights + slave lights structure ensuring reliable communication.

Smart Control Software 

Integrated smart light control, information collection, information distribution and emergency calls, and more.
Supporting group control of multiple devices. Supporting presetting multiple scene modes;
Supporting historical data query, including light status, 

energy, environment data, and video data etc.
Supporting automatic alarm for multiple emergency 


About Sansi

SANSI, founded in 1993, is a world leader in the innovation of LED Signs, Displays and Lighting Fixtures.  

SANSI has installed over 500,000 LED light fixtures since 2007 and 100,000m2 of LED displays since 2005.  

Sansi has a total of 100 approved international patents and 15 product software copyrights.  

Our products certifications cover UL, ETL, RoHS, CE, FCC, SGS, CCC, TUV, ENEC, DLC.  

We distribute worldwide.

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