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Meet The New Sansi Stellar LED Light Bulb Thats Setting The Mood

Time: 2016/03/31       Author:Justin

We all want to optimize the functionality in our homes. One way of doing this is making sure each room is provided with exceptionally smooth lighting, and lots of it. Providing and managing the perfect amount of light in each room can get costly and complicated. The new Sansi Stellar LED light bulb optimizes your home with exceptionally smooth lighting easy and affordable.

Sansi Stellar LED light bulb

Sansi Stellar is the new mood setter:

Using your smartphone, you can select and change the color of each light bulb using the easy to use Sansi Stellar app. You can control the color and brightness (dimming) of each bulb individually or manage multiple bulbs in groups.

Functional: The Sansi Stellar is a regular sized (A19) light bulb that works well in the home, office, and retail environments. The app allows you to pick between 16million different colors (RGB) for your bulbs and is preprogrammed with 20 color settings. Each light can also be synced with the rhythmic beats of music being playedon your mobile device.

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