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Lighting Security Issues Associated With Rio Olympics 2016

Time: 2016/07/29       Author:None
The 31st Olympics is about to open in Rio, Brazil on August 5th (local time). The date is approaching in less than a week, while the host party of Brazil failed to prepare everything right. Earlier reports said gymnasiums and stadiums for competitions and a great many of infrastructures had not been fully completed.

According to latest reports from South America Journal, Brazil police has arrested 12 suspects who plotted to attack Brazilian citizens during the Olympics, adding more concerns of security and safety. We could not conclude whether Brazil is capable of hosting an secured and successful Olympics. Yet, security and safety matters are never too emphasized, especially for public places where large crowds are gathered.

Lighting security is of equal importance when talking about public security and safety. It is so commonly seen by everyone that it is the most neglected. Bad lighting products are fatal. It causes leak of electricity and waste energy at the same time. Led lighting fixtures are advanced lighting choices with advantages such as low energy consumption, long service life, excellent lighting effect, and good safety guarantee. In recent decade, led technology has made big progress and widely spurred are many professional led manufacturers China with good lighting technology and strong company strength.

There are a variety of led lighting applications in the RIO Olympics 2016 and we will talk about later!