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LED Tunnel Light Applied In Road Transportation

Time: 2016/09/12       Author:None
With the rapid development of China’s road traffic construction,the quantity and scale of road tunnel construction are becoming larger and larger. Therefore more and more tunnel lights are applied in road transportation. Due to the geographic diversity and complexity, energy saving and safety problems of tunnel lighting have always been great concerns. 

LED Tunnel Lights

LED technology has made great breakthroughs in recent years and is getting more and more popular among customers. China LED lighting industry has made much progress in the research and practical application of LED tunnel lights. Combined with advanced controlling system technology, LED tunnel light has become the trend with the characters of high luminous efficacy, good stability and long service life.

To achieve the goal of both saving energy and improving lighting effect, technicians face great technical difficulties and challenges in aspects of photosynthetic efficiency, brightness uniformity, glaring light and flicker, lighting control and so on. LED tunnel lights can not only save energy, but also improve luminous efficacy. 
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