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LED Subway Lighting Fixture

Time: 2016/08/29       Author:None
Among the many lighting fixtures, subway lighting, as one of the mainly application forms, stands out for its distinctive characteristics. 

Due to the complexity of urban subway network and long-time overload operation of underground lighting fixtures, LED underground light needs to meet stringent reliability requirements to ensure the safety travel of passengers. Such high demand mainly reflects in aspects of light illumination value, uniform illuminance value, color rendering index, quality characteristics, durability, protection, environmental protection, adaptability, maintainability and so on.

Led Subway Lighting

Fluorescent lamp, high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp used to be the main lighting fixtures for subway tunnel lighting. However in recent years,LED lighting has been known and accepted by more and more clients and business. Today LED underground light has replaced traditional light and become the best choice for the subway lighting. 

Take China as an example, China’s or even world's first subway lines that used all LED lighting for the whole line is the Shenzhen Metro Line 2. In the year of 2010, Sansi, a leading led manufacture, undertook the project and applied LED lights into subway lighting for the first time. Those LED lights have been operating for 6 years since the opening day, and there is still no obvious droop of lamps and lanterns. The LED subway lights always remain the state of "zero fault" and continue to be in stable operation.

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