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LED Shadowless Surgical Lamp Opens a New Era of Medical Lighting

Time: 2016/06/28       Author:None
LED shadowless surgical lamp, quite known for its being pro-environment, energy-saving and healthy, is gradually becoming the main trend in the medical lighting industry with this development of semiconductor lighting technology and high standard of medical operation environment. A healthier light source, which is helpful for treatment and rehabilitation, is another factor in favor by surgeons for LED shadowless surgical lamp.

LED medical lighting

Traditional shadowless surgical lamp uses halide lamp as the main light source. To meet various lighting requirements for different surgeries, trimming structure has to be used to adjust the light source, which is time-consuming and inconvenient. Morever, enclosure design and heat-sinking structure of traditional shadowless surgical lamp will create a certain air flow distribution that effects the aseptic condition of a surgical room and quality of a surgery. 

In comparison, LED shadowless surgical lamp has the absolute advantages: cold light illuminator with a dimming color temperature; high CRI to offer a clearer view on blood color, organs, tissues and parts inside a body; adjustable brightness and no light flicker to ease eyestrain; High shadowless degree. Besides, LED shadowless surgical lamp has an average service life of about 35000 hours, ten times longer than traditional ones. It is also energy saving and environmentally friendly. No mercury pollution and no infrared radiation or ultraviolet radiation, actively preventing water loss of the surface of a wound and infection.

Surely, LED medical lighting is a specialized market for the entire semiconductor lighting industry and still remains a long way to go, especially in the aspect of innovation development. LED shadowless surgical light is just an example of the technical revolution. Same as the LED medical application developed by Sansi, LED shadowless surgical light will definitely push forward the intelligent development of medical lighting.

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