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Led Panel Light Of Sansi Becomes The First Choice For Subway Lighting

Time: 2016/07/26       Author:None
As ground traffic congestion intensifies, major cities in China are fastening their speed of underground transportation construction. A few of China first-tier cities even has a total of more than 20 metro lines. With such a dense underground transportation network, LED panel lights produced by Sansi, in line with the best availability, security and reliability, have become the preferred way of lighting, which can be widely seen in places such as Shanghai, Shenzhen metro systems.

led panel lights

Evenly Distributed Lighting

The essence of subway lighting design is practicability. Sansi LED panel light with its perfect lighting effect is the first selection for lighting of metro station platforms and interval tunnels. Reflector of Sansi LED panel light is imported high-end PE material to cover, reflectivity of which is as high as 97% to 98%. Besides, lighting effect is more uniform and smooth, for this kind of complex area after reflector of secondary optical effect. 

Carefully Chosen Materials

Subways are relatively closed and crowded public places, making more strict security considerations on materials and design of LED lighting products. The import PE material mentioned earlier is one of the most secured materials for its  high flame retardant ability. After continuous lighting for a whole day, Sansi LED panel light can further enhance the safety and reliability of subway lighting.

Compact Structure

In mention of reliability, anti-seismic ability can not be neglected. Under this special working environment where subway lighting equipment has countless times of vibration in a day, it is much likely for crushing of lights body , cracking of reflectors and stroboscopic to happen. Sansi LED panel light has a compact structure and reflective surface, more capable in confronting with this extremely vibration environment.

In the process of urban development, underground traffic has become one of the main lighting equipment market. Because of its unique working environment, there are high requirement for companies willing to entry into the field of subway lighting. Sansi, being China’s leading subway lighting manufacturer, has developed LED panel light with high quality and high standard, setting an positive example for the LED lighting field.

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