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LED Lighting Project In Modern Times

Time: 2016/09/09       Author:None
Lighting engineering, also called city brightening project, it is aimed at improving the overall city image and beautifying urban environment by means of lighting up landmark buildings, shopping malls, tourist scenic spots, crowded street traffic lights of cities. With the rise of LED technology, the modern designs of city-lighting project usually adopt a variety of LED technologies. At present, lighting engineer means LED lighting engineering

led lighting

LED lighting engineering has important significance. Colorful night view with decoration of lighting products can not only represent the city style, provide a better night vision environment and living environment, but also picture a clearer outline of the city, directly reflects the shape, size and structure of the city. LED lighting highlights the urban structure, making it much easier to identify and position itself, well enough to stand out among the many cities.

Sansi is a professional LED lighting engineering enterprise, with rich experience of systematic solutions. Shanghai Lujiazui, China’s booming financial and commercial hub, is a famous landmark of Shanghai. Sansi has undertaken the Shanghai Lujiazui LED lighting project, making a colorful landscape lighting effect.

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