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LED Light More Energy Saved Than Energy-saving Light

Time: 2016/09/06       Author:None
With the development of LED lights, everybody likes to talk about which one is better, energy-saving lights or LED lights. In aspect of scientific principle, the overall characteristics of LED lights are far better than the traditional energy-saving lights and other lighting, which is beyond any doubt. However, due to ignorance of quality of LED lighting when producing, the service life of some LED lights is shorter than the energy-saving light

Put aside factors that some manufacturers manufacture in a rough way for the short-sighted pursuit of economic interests, today we mainly focus on the luminescence efficiency, service life, healthy lighting, switch and transportation to know exactly how LED light is a far better choice than the energy-saving lights. 

The filament life often is the service life of energy-saving lamps, usually about 6000 hours. Frequent start-up of energy-saving lights will significantly affect the service life. While LED lights are made with the LED chip for luminescence, power consumption of which is only about 1/10 of the incandescent lamp, one quarter of energy-saving lights.The LED chip can reach more than 100,000 hours of service life, perfect matching the average family illumination energy conservation and environmental protection. And LEDs can start without delaying, and do not affect the service life. The assembling and maintenance can be very easy. LED light is by far the safest, most energy-saving, and healthy way of lighting.