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Led Indoor Lighting Industry Entering a Tipping Point Of Explosive Growth

Time: 2016/06/21       Author:None
With the international LED lighting industry gradually becoming mature and LED lighting technology fully developed, the traditional incandescent lights and fluorescent lights are gradually replaced, which is particularly happening in indoor lighting.In 2015, the output value of Chinese LED indoor lighting market reached to 135.3 billion yuan, a 25% increase compared with 2014 and a 48% decline in growth. Yet, LED indoor lighting maintains as the main engine for the continuous growth of LED application industry.

Chinese LED Indoor Lighting Market

Industry Magnates from home and abroad have long prepared to win the race for big share in market. At present, the LED indoor lighting industry is entering a "tipping point" of explosive growth, further increasing the fierceness of the competition. Sansi, under such circumstance, have a rational and overall distribution of company construction, especially in the aspects of research and development abilities and technological innovation. Sansi has a great deal of technology and patents in LED lighting systems and controls, and actively launched a series of new products, such as industrial mining light, panel light, down-light, ceiling light, the human body induction light and so on.

Sansi has gained high recognition and become the only supplier for many world’s high-end owners, top brands, professional lighting projects, application places involving factories, warehouses, upscale hotels, high-end brand exhibitions, the museums, top shopping malls, etc. A series of buildings and constructions have been outfitted with Sansi LED lighting facilities and controls, including Japan's industrial and mining factory, the American warehouse, Shanghai Ramada Hotel.

Sansi is committed to build professional high-end fashion contracted style lights,and has won praise from all over the world.
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