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LED Hotel Lighting Becomes New Trend in Hotel Lighting Industry

Time: 2016/08/30       Author:None
LED lighting is a new form of lighting application. Based on LED light source, LED lighting is well noted for its environmentally-friendly effect. With outstanding performance in saving energy, LED lighting has been an inevitable trend for future lighting development. Under such circumstance, LED lights will definitely be widely applied globally, and LED hotel lighting is included. 

LED Hotel Lighting

LED lighting product has rather distinctive features. Highly energy-saving; a close to 100% electric power conversion rate; with the same lighting effect, it can save more than 70% of energy than the traditional lighting source; LED has more than 100,000 hours service life and lighting fixture has more than 50,000 hours service life; it is of high brightness and low quantity of heat, heat value of which is much lower than ordinary lighting product. LED is made of non-toxic materials, and won’t cause damage to the environment; once the glass mask is not needed, it can be recycled. 

Conventional hotel lighting is characterized by high energy consumption, short light source life and heavy maintenance work. 

Sansi LED hotel lights include grille light, wallpack light, floor light, downlight, troffer light, flood light, etc. Sansi LED hotel lights are healthy and environmentally friend. There is no glaring light for these Sansi LED hotel light. Among these Sansi lights, many are patented technologies to achieve the best lighting effect. All Sansi LED hotel lighting products adopt the imported chip material and is designed with patented heat sinking structure, making them stably working for years without limens depreciation.